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Franklin Electric has years of experience in EV home charger installation and our qualified electricians are well-versed in the latest industry standards, regulations and permits, ensuring your EV wall charger is installed quickly and effectively.
We perform EV charger installation in San Francisco and Upper Peninsula.

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Our Process

Step 1: Schedule a Free Electrical Assessment

The first step is to determine if your existing electrical panel can handle a Level 2 charger. We’ll get an understanding of your situation over the phone, or FaceTime then if it’s determined, a free on-site estimate to assess the capacity and suggest any necessary upgrades. We’ll also let you know an approximate EV charger installation cost and timeframe. During this visit we’ll walk you through all necessary factors such as panel upgrades, charger location, charging cord length, charger type, installation cost and job completion timeline.

Step 2: Install the EV Charger

Install a dedicated circuit

A dedicated circuit on your electrical panel is required in order to install a Level 2 charger.

Mount the charger

The charger is then securely mounted on a suitable surface and at a comfortable height for plugging in your vehicle.

Run Wiring

Wiring is then installed from the electrical panel to where the charger is mounted.

Connect & Test the charger

We connect charger to the new wiring and then plug your car in to verify it’s working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You’ll likely want a Level 2 charger, which charges your car around 8 times faster than the standard wall outlet. There’s plenty of brands and Franklin Electric can almost certainly install any of them.

Common wall charging brands include Nema, Tesla, Grizzl-E, Emporia, ChargePoint, J+ Booster & Wallbox. There’s plenty on the market and best to check with your car manufacturer which ones they recommend.

Yes! It’s a convenient option and the install costs around the same.

Only if necessary. If there’s room on the electrical panel for the new dedicated circuit then we just add the new circuit. If there’s no room on the electrical panel then a new panel is needed.

It depends and we only estimate cost and timeframe once we understand your situation.

That said, with minimal electrical adjustment and easy wiring and mounting, the installation could be as low as $500 and be finished in a few hours. On the other hand, if there’s a utility service upgrade necessary, along with significant panel upgrades and challenging wiring, then it could cost thousands and take days. It all depends on your situation and Franklin Electric is there to walk you through the entire process.

We can provide the unit upon request. You can also purchase your own unit.

Franklin Electric performs EV charger installation San Francisco and Upper Peninsula. Check out our operating area here.

Just reach out and we’re happy to fill you in about any details so please follow this link for the best ways to contact us.